We are visual story tellers.

Need contagious video content?

We can help.

Who are we?

Star Swamp works with anyone wanting video content. YouTube videos, films, events, conventions—you name it. If you have a message, story, or product that you're ready to share with your audience, we can bring your vision to motion picture.

Let's make something awesome together.

Things we do best

Time Managment

Here at Star Swamp, all deadlines are met early and efficiently so you never have to worry about missing anything.

Festivals & Events

As much as we love production, we spend double that time to distribute. We make sure the final product has proper reach.

Micro Budgeting

We got our start from small indie passion projects, so we know how to budget wisely without sacrificing quality or safety.

We love what we do. More than that, we love the people we meet and work with.

Film allows us the luxury of meeting and working with the best people. Seriously, they are the best. They are hard-working creatives with a story to tell. So get in on the action, and make films with us.

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