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Our story

Founders Lei Adeline and Mike Ransburg started Star Swamp, LLC while they were sophomore film students at Oklahoma City University. Since opening in 2015, Star Swamp, LLC has successfully shot and completed 9 short narratives and 2 short docu-promotional videos. 

We have been fortunate enough to have our films participate in film festivals—many of which can now be found on our YouTube channel. Currently, we are editing 1 short narrative and several documentaries.

Frequently asked questions

First, you need to acquire the media of the projects you have worked on. Sometimes the production will still be editing and can only offer raw media of your particular scenes. That is perfectly acceptable as well as complete finished projects. Once you have your media collected, you can contact us to edit your reel. 

The best advice we can give you is to find out who the producer of the project is and email them politely requesting media for your reel. A lot of times the main person you interact with is the director, so it seems natural to request media from the director. Unless the director is also the producer, do not do this. In many situations, the director is hired by the production company or producers as a freelancer, and these directors do not have any rights to the media. So your best bet is to find out who the producer is and contact them, or simply email the production company. 

If you hire us to make your reel, we can help you request and acquire media for an additional fee of $250. Otherwise, we kindly decline offering this service as a stand-alone service.

Our normal rate is $300 for a 2-3 minute reel. If you option for us to acquire your media, there is an additional $250 fee. It seems like a lot upfront, but think of it as an investment in your career, since online auditions will be open to you once you have a reel.

It takes about two weeks for us to make a reel about 1-2 minutes. Sometimes acquiring the media is the majority of the wait! Rest assured, we can negotiate an additional fee for an expedited deadline. 

Yes! You can hire us to film your event. Please note that editing is an additional cost if you intend to have us edit. Otherwise, we’re happy to hand over your media at the end of the event.

This is negotiable depending on the scale of the event as well as how involved you want us to be. We are highly flexible in customizing a package for your specific needs. If you just wanted the video and audio for an event, we can do that just as easily as if you wanted us to give you a full-service package with interviews, b-roll, and editing services. Also keep in mind that the sooner we know about your event, the cheaper your package will be. 

Fun fact: We love working with not-for-profits. We think you guys contribute so much to the communities all over Oklahoma, and we are happy to keep prices reasonable during negotiations.

Sure thing. If you have a script and are serious about making it happen, email us and we can set up a meeting. Otherwise, we recommend you hit us up on our personal Facebook profiles to chat about your script and bond over film-related things. 

Probably you, if you’re reading this! We film passion projects for aspiring writers and directors to build their resumes and finesse their expertise. We create social media content and promotional videos. Do you need someone to film your concert, recital, or music video? Maybe you need a commercial to engage your audience. There are a number of reasons to make a film, and if you aren’t sure about your idea, just drop us a line. We’d be happy to discuss possibilities.

Currently, no. When we start another project, we like to hire freelancers to fill out our production departments. So, feel free to submit a resume if you are interested in working on one of our sets. Email us here, or use the contact form.

Star Swamp, LLC provides services within the realm of media. Contact Us.

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