Indie Okies – Breaking Records in Stroud, OK

Indie Okies – Breaking Records in Stroud, OK


The Swamp Goes to Stroud

Star Swamp Media is proud to have taken part in setting a state record for indie filmmakers in Oklahoma. Early morning on July 18, 2016, the all-star swampy crew headed to Stroud, Oklahoma, where a film project hosted by Stroud Arts Film, a non-profit organization centered around film and arts education, would test all aspects of filmmaking. The objective of this project was to provide substantial footage for actors’ reels in the efficient manner of producing five short trailers with four different directors and production crews at the same time all while rotating through the actors who cycled through multiple scenes. These five separate yet intertwined sets wrapped after fifteen hours of shooting, and thus, a record was set in Stroud, Oklahoma. This is a huge milestone for Stroud Arts in their efforts to enrich the Stroud community through the moving image arts as well as encouraging and inspiring future filmmakers of Oklahoma through collaboration.

Co-Producer of Star Swamp, Mike Ransburg is excited and honored to have been a part of this opportunity to collaborate with many talented and passionate filmmakers. Star Swamp was brought onto the project just a matter of days before the historic day in Stroud, coming off of another shoot for the film festival ‘Morabo’, in which “Shadows in the Alley” premiered. The timing only allowed for minimal pre-production, and it was precisely this that gave Star Swamp an opportunity to challenge themselves and compete to make a high quality product in a fast-paced situation. Mike recalls that the highlight of that day was meeting the fantastic location owners of the stores and businesses that allowed everyone to shoot on their properties. Among them are Susan Bass and Renee Spahr, owners of The Courtyard on 66. By the end of the night, Mike was finally able to meet David Timmons, president of Stroud Arts, of whom he had heard so many good things about in regard to his abilities as a filmmaker, director, and acting coach. Mike summarizes his experience as follows: “In the short experience of a long day, I learned that the combination of knowledge and experience will overcome any adversity, allowing a great production team to execute any schedule with precision and professionalism.”

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