Teresa Talks – Opera in the OKC Metro

Teresa Talks – Opera in the OKC Metro

Link: https://youtu.be/QXtFqWKhuaw

The Swamp Goes to the Opera

Check out the video linked above; it’s called “A Day in the Life of an Opera Singer.”

There are many people in Oklahoma that have never seen an opera in their life. There’s no shame in that–it’s actually more common than expected. Well, if you are part of this demographic, I will tell you this: you have yet to live if you have not seen opera done with justice. It’s quite the spectacle. It’s an artform over 200 years old, and sure, it may seem intimidating at first. But it’s well worth it. Mike and I had the priviledge to cover the rehearsals and performances, and watching the singers on stage–so tiny and human–making these glorious lines of music without any microphones was a humbling and breath-taking experience. The cherry on top was that we got to promote their art through film.

I hope this docu-promo video piques your interest in the arts growing in Oklahoma. Spreading awareness about the flourishing arts in Oklahoma was rewarding in itself, but nothing beats watching the glorious finale of a successful first season for this opera company. Humanity begs for art in this world, and companies like Painted Sky Opera are the catalyst for the life-changing experiences offered by art.

Painted Sky Opera is a new opera company based in the Oklahoma City area. This non-for-profit organization aims to impact the OKC metro area through opera and provide performance opportunities for young professional singers. There are several universities within the metro that offer Vocal Performance degrees and strong opera programs, and having an opera company nearby will positively impact these musicians’ careers as well as offer job opportunities for new young professional singers residing in Oklahoma.

More Information

Painted Sky Opera: http://paintedskyopera.org/

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